We are a few days away from launch, and we (the developers) wish to introduce the story, concept and reason behind Rockup.

We’re developers turned entrepreneurs, and run a small software development agency. Over the years we’ve served clients from all over the world, and experienced a few common problems for most of them. Rockup solves one of these problems. We’re certain that we’re not the only ones facing this problem, and hope that Rockup will help you overcome this problem for more of you.

When we develop an app, either according to the client’s specification, or as a solution to a problem the client is facing, it’s quite difficult to show the client how the app would look on a phone. There are tools that can give you a photo mockup with your favorite device, but none that can show how the app looks and works on a device. In other words, a professional grade video mockup tool. Rockup is meant to be this tool.

Some of the problems we face (possibly many of you do, too), are as follows:

Problem #1: When developing a new app for a client

As developers running a software development agency ourselves,we faced a problem when we built an app and wished to demonstrate it to our clients. The client (along with his team) found it difficult to get the idea of the UX with mere screenshots, and without the device mockup. Even with mockups, we had to make many revisions because the client only understood the UX after he saw the app on his own device. Hence we were not able to give the client early previews and make changes sooner.

Problem #2: When giving a demo to existing clients

Often, we need to give a demo of a new offering (product / service) to our existing clients. But it is difficult for them to understand what exactly the product is and how it works until they’ve seen it work. The best way is to go and show it to them in person, but that is not always possible. It’s easy to make a screen recording of the app, but narrating and explaining the video requires a lot of post processing which may not be always possible.

Problem #3: When sharing new/ pre-launch features with your audience

It often happens that when apps have a substantial number of users, introducing new features directly without proper feedback can be confusing for users as well as expensive for app owners. The best solution in such a case is a detailed video explaining the new features as well as how to access them and use them, along with their benefits and pitfalls. There is currently no easy way to achieve this without sufficient expertise in a video editing software. This is not always possible for everyone.

Problem #4: When making a presentation video for your app

Often, app owners need to present their app to a large audience, or pitch it to a potential investor. Apart from the mandatory ppt, a video of the app in action really makes a difference to how well the audience understands what is being explained. There is currently no easy way to make such a video without having either sufficient technical knowledge or expertise in a video editing software.

Problem #5: When explaining to new users how your app works

When signing up new users, it’s often difficult to help them understand all the aspects of your app, and how it works. There are solutions but none of them offer a complete explaination of all the features and benefits of the app. The result is that some users abandon the app if they find the learning curve steep.

Problem #6: Sharing your app features on social media

Social media is currently the hottest and fastest way to spread the word around about your app. But how do you explain what your all app does without writing a long post about it? Video is the answer. But videos on social media need to have your branding, and need to look professional. Without a professional video editing software and skills, this task is difficult and time consuming if it needs to be done repeatedly.

The problems above require substantial expertise & investment in professional video editing software, for a simple task such as a video mockup.

Rockup has been designed to solve these problems in a simple and quick manner, from your phone, without the investment and expertise required for such tasks currently.

So, if you find that Rockup is useful to you, please sign up with us on the homepage - We need beta testers! We will send you an email Rockup is live.

We’re launching soon. We hope that you will all find it useful.