Why You Need A Video To Effectively Market Your App

You have an awesome app. It’s up on the store, you have done your keyword research, created your app store page. You have your initial set of users, all is good. Now all you need is to increase your user base.

Here lies the problem. The internet is a huge place. There are about 6.5 million apps online in various stores right now. Your app is in competition with thousands, if not millions of apps. This means your topmost priority should be creating awareness.

Your users are out there, but what is the use of your app if they never see it? Even if they do see it, they’re seeing hundreds of other (perhaps similar) apps. Why should they focus on yours?

For that to happen you need to create a ‘Deep Impression’ on your user. A deep impression has a lasting impact, and it encourages the user to act. The best way to create this ‘Deep Impression’ is by creating a video.

A video is the most straightforward way to get your message across to the audience in the simplest manner. A video gives the audience a glimpse of your app, makes the familiar with the UI, and gets them mentally involved in your solution to their problem. Some of the other important reasons for you to make a video of your app are as follows:

1. Visual Aspect:

Humans are visual creatures, who prefer to watch a video than read a long paragraph. Viewers retain 95% of the message in a video as compared to text or images. That’s why perhaps YouTube is more popular than user manuals for any fixing anything that is broken. A video can show the audience your user interface, explain the different features of your app, and act as an advertisement of your app. This helps in increasing the engagement and satisfaction of your audience.

2. Statistics

  • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide have found video to be the type of content with the most ROI.
  • Marketers who use video grow 49% faster than those who do not.
  • Social Video generates 12 times more shares than images & text combined.
  • Video on Landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%
  • Blog posts containing video attract 3x times more inbound links than blog posts that don’t.


3. Awareness & Promotion

Does a movie trailer get you excited about the movie? Does a television advertisement of an upcoming phone get you excited about the phone? Do you feel like going to KFC when you see an advertisement showing someone savouring chicken?

Well, why won’t the same happen to people when they see a video of your app in action? They are either attracted towards it and take action, or they decide they don’t need it. Either way, you get a highly qualified set of potential users for your app.

4. Social Media & Sharing

Facebook reports more than 8 billion video views per day. Even though most of the users watch the video on mute, they do see the content.

Users who like your video will share it with their friends and family. This creates a chain of user that help increase the shares exponentially, without much effort on your part.

Influencers are another source through which you can make your message heard on social media. If you have a video, it’s easier for your to engage them, and for them to engage their fan base. That’s why most Influencers keep making videos from time to time.

Simply making a promotional video of your app, and posting it on social media, could ensure that your content is among those 8 billion views.

5. Manage Customer Expectations Better

Did you know that around 80% of apps that are downloaded, get deleted only after the first use? The main reason for getting deleted is that the expectations of the user are different than what the app does. If you have a good, simple video of what your app does, what it doesn’t and what benefits the user can get, chances are that once downloaded, the user will keep using the app. With around 6.5 million apps out there, the one with the explainer video definitely has the advantage.

6. Rewatchable

Another big benefit of a video is that the viewer can re-watch it as many times as he needs, until he understands whatever is being explained, in order to address his problem.

If I’ve finally convinced you to make a video, perhaps you’re wondering about how do you go about making a video which is useful to you in terms of conversions, and which is useful to the potential customer in terms of making a decision?

Here are a few pointers regarding the content of your video:

1. Message

Your video should tell what your app does in a clear, concise manner. There should be no doubt left about what the app does, after watching the video. This is necessary as it tremendously helps the audience to decide whether they need it or not. It helps you as the your get a potential customer that much closer to downloading the app.

If your message is ambiguous, the audience won’t spend time trying to find out what the app does. They’ll move on and you stand to lose a potential customer.

2. Benefits

The best way to get a person interested in your app is to show how they stand to directly benefit from using it. Show how it saves them money / makes them more money. Or how it saves them time. Or how it saves them a headache / heartache. Or how it save their life. Show how their life is going to improve directly as a result of using your app. Show this front and center in your video.

3. Keep it short

Studies have shown that a person will watch only the first 5 seconds of your video with full attention. Only 20% of your audience will complete watching your video. So - keep it short. Get your audience ‘hooked’ in the first 5 seconds with clear messaging. Once they are hooked, chances are they will watch the rest of your video. Say what you have to say very clearly, and keep it below 30 seconds.

4. Keep it simple

This goes without saying - keep the video simple. Remember - your audience might watch it under different circumstances - some on the bus, some in the house, some in the office, some in the coffee shop, etc. All of them need to get your message, regardless of if they have use of your app or not. So keep it simple, straightforward, and follow the proper sequence.

Your audience will assume your app is similar to your video. If your video is sloppy, they will think perhaps your app is too!

Which brings us to our next, and perhaps the most important point.

5. Plan it out

Plan your video out before you start shooting it. You need to meticulously think about what you want to put in the video. Every frame of the video should serve a purpose. Write it down on paper first. Do a few dry runs. Make suitable changes, finalize on paper, and then start making the actual video. Remember, this video is going to be the first impression of you and your app in your audience’s minds.

6. Feedback & Analytics

In your video, make sure you leave a twitter handle, email address or a phone number for your viewers to get in touch with you. They will leave feedback on the video, or on your app. They might ask you questions regarding your app. This might help you understand which areas in your video need to be explained in a better manner. This might also help you refine your app better and in a much faster manner.

Most of the video hosting sites like YouTube will let you see the analytics of your video. It is useful to see the metrics they give, like the user retention rate, the time in the video where the attention was the highest / lowest, the countries with the maximum viewership, etc.

As with anything, you’ll get better at making videos with time. Keep a watch on the user feedback, and keep refining what you’ve learnt!